Pickle Ball Paddle Set (Set of 2)


We took quality design at its heart, developing a lightweight, comfortable racquet that fits well in any hand. More than that, we wanted to make sure you had the full set: graphite pickleball paddles, plenty of balls, and a high quality bag to carry all your sport essentials in. And just to make sure your pickleball racket is protected under any circumstances, we’ve even included a sleeve that covers the entirety of your paddle, handle and all.

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  • Greater Fitness and Gameplay … On the court, you can only play as well as your equipment. Whether you’re new or experienced, our pickleball paddles for beginners and veterans are made with the lightweight, comfortable design needed for your A game.
  • Appreciable Protection for Rackets … There are a lot of factors that can wear down your pickleball racket. While many other racket sleeves may cover just the head, we ensure your equipment is protected with a full-cover sleeve, handle and all.
  • Convenient Transportation for Essentials … Making sure you’ve got all the sports equipment you need for pickleball can bog you down. Our high quality travel bag has space for everything: pickleball paddles and balls, tape, sweatbands, you name it.
  • Keep a Tight Grip … No one likes playing with a flimsy grip. However, the more you play, the more wear and tear your handle goes through. Each graphite pickleball paddle comes with complementary grip tape and wrist bands to keep your grip strong.
  • Makes a Great Gift … Pickleball is a sport that should be shared with friends and family, so we thought ahead for you. Each lightweight pickleball paddle comes in giftable packaging, making them ideal surprise gifts without worrying about wrapping.


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