Three Piece Ninja Line Accessories Set


With a selection of Ninja line attachments that can be placed anywhere on a Branton Ninja slackline, these Ninja line accessories will bring any Ninja obstacle course to life!

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  • BECOME THE NINJA … Only the worthy have the strength to overcome all obstacles and be the Ninja. Jump, climb, and grab your way up with these Ninja line accessories!
  • 3 ESSENTIAL ACCESSORIES … Our Ninja obstacle course accessories include a Ninja triangle, a Ninja ring, and a Ninja wheel. Add Ninja line attachments to your slackline!
  • HAVE FUN GETTING FIT … Swing, jump, and climb your way to fitness! Get the strength and stamina every Ninja needs today with this Ninja warrior training equipment.
  • SAFE DURABLE DESIGN … Other Ninja warrior training equipment for kids may use lower-quality materials, but Branton’s promises safe accessories with high-quality designs!
  • PLACE THEM WHERE YOU WANT … Use your new Ninja line accessories with a Branton Ninja slackline and place them anywhere you want on the line for maximum fun.


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