Kids and Fitness

Fitness and exercise is very important during the stages of growth of a child for numerous reasons. Children who invest their time into fitness and health, live a healthier and vigorous life in the long run.

As much as it is important for adults in a family to denote some time out of their daily routine to do some physical activity, it is important for the children to do the same.

How Unhealthy Lifestyle Affects a Kid’s Life
Several factors in an urbanized lifestyle, such as long hours on the internet, watching television, academic and peer pressure, and lack of awareness have led the kids to become overweight and lethargic from a very young age.

The kids become prone to diseases. Without any regular physical activity and movement, their weight, blood pressure, sugar levels, and other such essential components of the body remain unregulated.

They become overly stressed. This hampers the brain development in the kids and slows down their growth. When the kids become excessively stressed or worried about the smallest of things, it hinders both their physical as well as mental development.

Lack of fitness and exercise can affect the sleeping pattern of the children. This, subsequently causes mood swings due to lack of release of endorphins. Low levels of endorphins in a body can be a leading cause of various other clinical and mental problems.

How Can Kids Lead a Healthy Lifestyle
Living a healthy lifestyle comes with a lot of benefits. Living a healthy lifestyle has gained traction in the past years because of the massive number of pros it comes with. Here are a few ways, by which a kid can start leading a fit and healthy lifestyle:

Fitness trackers that have been engineered to be worn by kids such as the kids fitbit watches should be worn by them to keep a daily track of their steps, heart rate, and fitness goals.

Children should be encouraged to play outdoors. Parents should plan out picnics, scavenger hunts, camping, hunting and various other fun activities for the kids.

Kids should invest time in aerobic activities for the proper development and strengthening of their bodies.

Their food intake should be regulated. They should be provided healthy meals, at regular intervals.

Limits should be set on screen time. Excessive screen time can make the kids lazy and enervated.

Goof, high quality outdoor fitness products should be bought, which keeps the kids entertained while they also remain fit.

Proposed Fun Kids Fitness Products :
Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course for Kids ( )
BRAND: B Branton
PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 17.7 x 11.8 x 6.9 inches
ITEM WEIGHT: 18.57 pounds
Key Features:
Package includes a customisable slackline along with an obstacle course.
Other accessories included are 50 foot ninja slackline, monkey bar holders, gymnastic rings, obstacle net, swing set, a monkey fist and an additional grip tape.
The slackline is adjustable and the pockets are not placed at a fixed distance from each other.
Suitable for kids of all ages.
The free grip tape included in the package helps in training the kids properly.
Great option for gifting to other children.
The multi functional slackline can also be used as a tightrope.
Can be used both indoors and outdoors.
Attachments can be locked onto the slackline, safely and securely.
The quality of the wooden monkey bars may depreciate in extreme weather conditions like rain.
Accessories are not sold individually and can be only bought in a set.

Easy-Install Workout Climbing Rope ( )
BRAND: B Branton
ITEM WEIGHT: 20 pounds
Key Features:
The rope is around 1.5” thick, with a convenient grip.
Can be used by the kids in the parks and by the adults in the gyms
Great gifting option for anybody looking to build upper body strength or lose weight.
Made out of long lasting, high quality material.
The protective cover on the anchor is removable. Saves the rope from getting unraveled.
Can hold up the maximum weight of around 1,750 lbs, when bolted to a roof.
Can hold up the maximum weight of around 10,000 lbs, when looped around a tree.
The rope is built with two protective layers to avoid any friction or fraying of the ropes.
Very versatile and can be used in any environment, both indoors and outdoors.
One of the best kid fitness product, available at a throwaway price.
All the hardware included for installation purposes.
The rope may, at times, not be very pliable or flexible.

It is very important for kids to inculcate the habit of leading a healthy and a fit lifestyle from a very young age. They should be taught about the benefits of self-efficacy that comes out of regular exercising and following a fitness routine. It is also important for the family to involve themselves to do fun fitness activities, together.

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