Fitness and Fun as a Family

Fitness and activeness is a crucial factor for any family. It is important for a family to remain fit and active from a very early point of time to ensure a healthy lifestyle in the long run. Fitness can help in the prevention of various diseases which may otherwise run in the family.

For adults in the family, fitness can be achieved by controlling their weight and therefore, keeping any risk of early signs of disease low. For kids, exercise is a great way to help them develop and grow both mentally and physically. The best part about practising fitness together as a family is that the members of the family also get the chance to spend quality time together.
How to Maintain Fitness as a Family
Here are some tips that can help a family exercise and stay fit:
For any occasion such as birthdays or anniversaries, an active, fitness driven gathering should be planned. Different families should also be involved. The games in the parties should have some sort of movements involved along with lots of dancing, which is also a great form of exercise.
In order to cover short distances, families should prefer to either walk or ride a bike. A daily, 30 to 40 minutes walking activity should also be involved in the schedule. Each member should be able to at least walk 10,000 steps every day. A fitness watch should be worn by every member in order to keep track of the steps.
Various outdoor sports and activities should be planned on a monthly basis. Families can go paddling, they can create scavenger hunts, build up tents, start a bonfire, go camping in the woods, play games like baseball, basketball, go horseback riding, go swimming, and much more.
Household chores should be equally distributed among the members so that each member can contribute something towards maintaining the house, while being active at the same time.
Family vacations should be planned to a destination where the family has the chance to indulge in various recreational activities such as rafting, snowboarding, paragliding, skiing, fishing, hiking, etc.
Families should invest into buying good outdoor games, which keeps them motivated to play outdoors.
Controlled diet should be practised by all. Kids, as well as, adults should avoid indulging in unhealthy food.
Screen time should be limited. Adults should avoid spending hours on the computer or mobiles and kids should be restricted from spending too much time playing games on the screen or watching television.

As a family, it is important for each member to encourage the other members to keep their fitness and health as their priority. Keeping a fitness track is very important so as to calculate the daily activity of a member. Fitness watches and bands should be worn that helps in keeping a count of the steps taken by a person along with monitoring their heart rate, tracking the sleep cycle, and setting the overall fitness goals.

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